Hackmaster, take 1

Days 1-3

The party met off camera outside of town. They quickly made their way into the local tavern, where they all heard mysterious rumors about an unknown stronghold off in the woods. This seems to have once been the secret lair of Rohan and Zelligar. Fearing that their own clerical magic and low numbers would be insufficient to handle the dangers of such a dungeon, they hired the officious Gob, a magician.

Upon reaching the dungeon, they discovered his information about a secret entrance was almost as useless as his magic. Despite the impotence of their sole hireling, the team managed to clear out several rooms, and reveal the secret of a pervert in the walls. Though they have not yet identified this watcher, they are quite close.

Combat encounters were light. Beyond one drunken Orc, they only encountered 2 Jaculli (giant pillar snakes). One gas trap has made a room inaccessible for a further 3 hours, but that was the only negative event. With remarkable luck, they have stumbled upon treasure room after treasure room. As of now, they know they have the following magical items- 2 dim red aura broadswords.

Digby took MVP this session, although I, in my rustiness, neglected to give him the full value. He’ll have a further 450 eps coming his way.

Nashgul came away with most damage in one blow with a solid 11 to the drunken Ork. I had even forgotten that ep award, so she’ll have an additional 110 eps when next we meet.

Not bad for 2 hours of in dungeon time.


Hackmasterdeck Hackmasterdeck

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